Shannon Monnat

Associate Professor, Sociology


Shannon Monnat is an Associate Professor of Sociology. She is also the Lerner Chair for Public Health Promotion. Dr. Monnat received her Ph.D. in Sociology at the State University of New York at Albany in 2008. Prior to her appointment at Syracuse University, she was a faculty member for five years at University of Nevada Las Vegas and for four years at Penn State University. As a scholar of social inequality and social demography, Dr. Monnat's research examines the correlates and consequences of social disadvantage, particularly at the intersections of place, public policy, and health. Her current research focuses on social determinants of opioid use disorders and mortality, particularly in rural and small town America.

Selected Publications

“Opioid-Related Mortality in Rural America: Geographic Heterogeneity and Intervention Strategies.” 2018. Rigg, Khary K., Shannon M. Monnat, and Melody N. Chavez. International Journal of Drug Policy 57:119-129.

“Factors Associated with County-Level Differences in U.S. Drug-Related Mortality Rates.” 2018. Shannon M. Monnat. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 54(5):611-619.

“More than a Rural Revolt: Landscapes of Despair and the 2016 Election.” 2018. Shannon M. Monnat and David L. Brown, Journal of Rural Studies 55C:227-236.

“Teaching to the Opioid Epidemic: An Interdisciplinary Approach.” 2017. George, Daniel R., Shannon M. Monnat, Rachel Levine, Barbara Blatt, and Jed Gonzalo. Medical Teacher 39(6):672-673.

“The New Destination Disadvantage: Disparities in Hispanic Health Insurance Coverage Rates in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan New and Established Destinations.” 2017. Shannon M. Monnat, Rural Sociology 82(1):3-43.

“Associations between Demographic Characteristics and Physical Activity Practices in Nevada Schools.” 2017. Shannon M. Monnat, Monica A.F. Lounsbery, Thomas L. McKenzie, and Raeven Faye Chandler, Preventive Medicine 95:S4-S9.

More Publications

Research Grants and Awards

Principal Investigator. “Population Health Mini-Conference and Seminar Series,”  with Co-Principal Investigators Dessa Bergen-Cico, Travisi R. Hobart, Janet Wilmoth, Rebecca Bostwick, and Mary Collins. Funded by Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE) Grant Program, 2018 - 2020.

Co-Investigator. “Understanding Opioid Risks in Rural and Micropolitan Communities: Economic Restructuring, Social Disorganization, and Local Responses,” with David Peters (PI), Andrew Hochstetler (Co-I), Eric Rozier (Co-I), and Mark Berg (Co-I). Funded by USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Agriculture Food and Research Initiative (AFRI), 2018-2022. 

Co-Principal Investigator. “Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application to Opiate Flows in Pennsylvania,” with Glenn Sterner (PI) and Ashton Verdery (Co-PI). Funded by National Institute of Justice, 2018-2019. 

Principal Investigator. “Despair, Death, and Democracy: Understanding Associations between Place-Level Economic Conditions, Population Health, and U.S. Election Outcomes," Funded by The Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2017-2018.

Principal Investigator. “Understanding the Geography of Stress-Related Mortality in the U.S., with a Focus on Opiate Addiction and Drug Overdose Mortality,” with David McGranahan (Co-I) and Timothy Parker (Co-I). Funded by USDA Economic Research Service, 2016-2017. with David McGranahan (Co-I) and Timothy Parker (Co-I).