Departments & Programs

Maxwell offers a rich mix of professional, scholarly, and undergraduate programs. The highly regarded professional degrees are offered in both conventional graduate and midcareer/executive formats. Master’s and PhD degrees are given in a variety of social sciences — departments that also provide undergraduate instruction to Syracuse University bachelor's candidates. Also for undergrads, Maxwell recently launched a major in citizenship and civic engagement.

  • Anthropology


    (BA/MA/PhD) Training and mentoring in sociocultural studies, historical archaeology, and bioarchaeology.

  • International Relations

    International Relations 

    (BA) Draws from across the social sciences, recognizing that international concerns touch on nearly all aspects of life and career.
    MA in International Relations offered through Public Administration & International Affairs.

  • Citizenship & Civic Engagement

    Citizenship & Civic Engagement

    (BA only) Building on Maxwell's definitional embrace of multidisciplinary citizenship studies; taken in conjunction with a second social science degree.

  • Political Science

    Political Science

    (BA/MA/PhD) International security, political economy, foreign and domestic policy, transnational actors, and law and courts, Middle East, East Asia, and qualitative research.

  • Economics


    (BA/MA/PhD) Emphasis on applied and policy-oriented economics, meshing with the School's public policy environment.

  • Public Administration and International Affairs

    Public Administration & International Affairs 

    (MPA, MAIR, PhD) Skills-oriented one-year MPA; 16-month interdisciplinary MAIR, with global internship; other joint and specialized professional degrees.

  • Executive Education

    Executive Education

    (EMPA/EMIR/Certificates) Midcareer Professional degrees, including executive MPA, executive IR, and executive economics degrees; plus, stand-alone 12-credit certificates.

  • Public Affairs (Policy Studies)

    Public Affairs (Policy Studies)

    (BA only) Analytical and workplace skills for a public-sector career (but applicable elsewhere); also emphasizing experiential learning and community service.

  • Geography


    (BA/MA/PhD) Formative social and natural processes and their geographical contexts, such as cities; regions; the world system; tropical, riverine, or arctic environments.

  • Social Science

    Social Science

    (Multidisciplinary PhD) A center of creative scholarship for doctoral students whose intellectual interests transcend the confines of a single discipline.

  • History


    (BA/MA/PhD) Bridging the humanities and social sciences; dissertations often combine social science research methods and humanities subjects.

  • Sociology


    (BA/MA/PhD) Interdisciplinary approaches to public sociology in order to understand, critique, and address structural and social inequalities.