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Ethan Coffel

Ethan Coffel

Contact Information:

Ethan Coffel

Assistant Professor, Geography and the Environment Department

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., Columbia University, 2018


Areas of Expertise

Climate science, climate impacts, extreme weather, agriculture, energy, infrastructure

Research Interests

My research uses climate models and large observational datasets to quantify the impacts of climate change on people and the natural ecosystems they depend on, and to better understand the physical mechanisms leading to the intensification of impactful weather and climate events in a warming world.


Selected peer-reviewed publications

Coffel, E. D., Keith, B., Lesk, C., Horton, R. M.,  Bower, E., Lee, J., Mankin, J. S. (2019). Future hot and dry years  worsen Nile Basin water scarcity despite projected precipitation  increases. Earth's Future.

Coffel, E. D., Horton, R. M., Winter, J. M., Mankin, J.  S. (2019). Nonlinear increases in extreme temperatures paradoxically  dampen extreme humid-heat increases. Environmental Research Letters.

Coffel, E. D., Horton, R. M., De Sherbinin, A. (2017). Rapid rise in heat stress exposure during the 21st century. Environmental Research Letters.

Coffel, E. D., Thompson, T. R., Horton, R. M. (2017). The impacts of rising temperatures on aircraft takeoff performance. Climatic Change Letters.

Other publications

Coffel, E. D., Mankin, J. S. In the future there will be more rain but less water in the Nile Basin. Published in Jan. 2020 in The Conversation.

Coffel, E. D., Horton, R. M., Raymond, C. Heat and humidity are a killer combination. Published in Oct. 2018 in The New York Times.

Coffel, E. D., Horton, R. M. How hot weather -- and climate change -- affect airline flights. Published in Aug. 2017 in The Conversation.