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Steven Lux

Steven Lux

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219 Maxwell Hall

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Midcareer Training


Midcareer Training
NGO Management in Developing & Transitioning Countries

Highest degree earned

M.P.A., Syracuse University, 1997


Currently the director of executive education at the Maxwell School, Steve Lux is responsible for overseeing the School’s midcareer graduate degree programs (roughly 150 full- and part-time students from thirty countries around the world) and developing and managing various executive management training for both domestic and international audiences. Lux also teaches graduate level courses at the Maxwell School on subjects related to non-governmental organizations and civil society.

Prior to his work with the Maxwell School, Lux spent 12 years designing and managing development programs in South East Asia across a range of topics including health (i.e. family planning, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition) and rural development (i.e. agricultural production, microcredit, small business development). Starting as a World Teach volunteer in Thailand in 1991, Lux's career path allowed him to live and work also in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and to become fluent in Thai and Vietnamese.

Lux's last assignment before returning to Syracuse University full-time in 2004 was as regional director of a Thai NGO: the Population and Community Development Association. Lux also has experience as an information systems analyst while working for Computer Science Corporation (CSC) from 1989 – 1991. Lux is a graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt High School and his wife and three children are residents of DeWitt since 2003. He has an A.B. in economics from Harvard College (1989) and an M.P.A. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University (1997).  

Areas of Expertise

Managerial leadership, NGO management

Research Interests

Transnational NGO leadership, governance and accountability

Research Grant Awards and Projects

Transnational NGO Initiative

Selected Publications

Lux, Steven J. and Bruno-van Vijfeijken, Tosca. (2013). From Alliance to International: The Global Transformation of Save the Children.

Kristine Greenaway and Steven Lux (2007). Scaling up effective partnerships: A guide to working with faith-based organisations in the response to HIV and AIDS. Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, Geneva.

Lux, Steven (2006). Excellent Coverage, a review of Nonprofit Organizations: Theory, Management, Policy by Helmut K. Anheier. New York: Routledge, 2005. Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

Lux, Steven (2006). The Nature of Transnational Networks: Wild and Complex. Review of William E. Demars NGOS and Transnational Networks: Wild Cards in World Politics  for International Studies Review.

Lux, S. and Straussman, J. 2004. Searching for Balance: Vietnamese NGOs Operating in a State-led Civil Society . Public Administration and Development. Vol. 24: 173 – 181.   

Voices , (reflections from disadvantaged communities in Vietnam and Thailand on their health status) – for a project sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation (2003).  

Training Needs Assessment, Government Committee for Organization and Personnel, SR Vietnam. UNDP Public Administrative Reform project VIE 2001.

Lessons Learned, Vietnam Family Planning Project, June 1997. Contributing editor to PDI-Hanoi publications: 1) Limited Equality: Contradictory Ideas about Gender and the Implications for Reproductive Health in Rural Vietnam (2002), 2) Contraceptive Choice and Men’s and Women’s Perceptions of Reproductive Tract Infections: Findings from a Qualitative Study in Southern Vietnam (1998).

Presentations and Events

2010. Leaders for Democracy Fellows Program, “Understanding Civil Society and Non Government Organizations“, a three part seminar to share and compare experiences from across the broader Middle East.  

2009. Humphrey Fellows Program, “Leaders as Agents of Change.”

2006. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand “Public Policy, Management and Implementation”

2006. Tsinghua University, MPA Practicum, “Civil Society Development in Transitioning Countries”

2005. Shanghai Municipal Government, “The Role of NGOs in Developing and Transitioning Countries,”

2005 Ford Foundation, International Fellowship Program Alumni, Vietnam, “The Role of NGOs in Civil Society.”

2005. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand “Public Policy, Management and Implementation”

2005. Moscow State University, School of Public Administration, “NGO – GO Interaction, Space & Roles – Conflict & Accountability

2005. Norwegian Church Aid Strategic Forum, Oslo, “The Role of Civil Society in Developing Countries”

2004. China National School of Administration Delegation Visit to Maxwell “Exploring the Role of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)”

2004. Moscow State University, School of Public Administration, “NGO – GO Interaction, Space & Roles – Conflict & Accountability

2003. Chulalongkorn University, Department of Public Administration, “Perspectives on the Thai Government’s Policies towards NGOs

2001 - 2002. Government Committee for Organization and Personnel, Vietnam “Foundation Courses in Public Administration for Civil Servants”