Maxwell Citizenship Initiative

The Maxwell Citizenship Initiative is a faculty-led effort to nurture the interdisciplinary study of citizenship across the disciplines of the Maxwell School, and in collaboration with other interested scholars at Syracuse University.

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Contact: Prema Kurien
Citizenship scholarship has always been a core priority at the Maxwell School. With support from the Maxwell School Dean’s Office and donors to the Tenth Decade Fund, the Maxwell Citizenship Initiative encourages and underwrites several efforts to enhance the study of citizenship at Maxwell, including:

  • New scholarly research and collaborations on issues within the broad rubric of “citizenship”;
  • Curriculum development for the Citizenship and Civic Education program and other citizenship-focused coursework at the School; and
  • A high-profile conference on citizenship, as well as workshops and lectures, from which new connections and potential citizenship projects will emerge.

The Maxwell Citizenship Initiative will begin with a School-wide survey of faculty members, identifying and beginning to find links within the body of citizenship scholarship already under way at the Maxwell School.