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  • Moynihan News

    Lovely discusses US-China trade deal with Associated Press, NPR

    "Just thinking in the short term and locally, the big change of course is that we've had a cease-fire. We're in a truce in the ongoing trade conflict between the US and China," Mary Lovely told NPR. "And that's good news. It's good news for our economy. It's good news for the global economy." Lovely also spoke with the Associated Press about the US-China trade deal.


    Taylor quoted in Wash Post article on Putin's post-presidency plans

    "Since Putin cannot remain as president after 2024 under the current rules, he needs to change the rules. This will potentially allow him to remain the dominant political actor even if he leaves the presidency," says Professor Brian Taylor. He was interviewed for the Washington Post article "Putin’s plans post-presidency could see him wielding influence for life."


    Reeher weighs in on Sanders-Warren fight in the Hill

    "I don’t think the conflict between Warren and Sanders will help Biden, at least of the face of it," says Professor Grant Reeher. "The two of them are struggling for the same general bloc of Democratic voters, and Biden is offering an alternative to both of them..." Reeher was interviewed for the Hill article "Biden could be winner in Warren-Sanders fight."


    Lovely speaks to Bloomberg, WSJ, Wash Post about US-China trade deal

    The new system "is a gigantic finger in the eye of WTO," Professor Mary Lovely told the Wall Street Journal. "The decider will be the trade representative in consultation with the president." Lovely spoke with Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post about the US-China trade deal. She also spoke to Xinhua about the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).


    Taylor weighs in on Putin's constitutional reforms in Vox article

    "He’s leaving the presidency, but he’s almost certainly going to take some other position and try and stay on," Professor Brian Taylor says of Putin. "But we still don’t know what this position is, or when this is going to happen." Taylor was interviewed for the Vox article "The Russian government’s dramatic shake-up, briefly explained."