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  • Moynihan News

    Lovely helps debunk Trump's statement on China's economy in PolitiFact

    Mary Lovely was interviewed for the PolitiFact article "Trump wrongly claims China is having its ‘worst year in 57 years’." Lovely says China’s economic slump is not particularly shocking to those who track economic growth data. "As an economy develops, growth rates come down," she says. "Over the long term, we have seen China’s average growth rate decline, which is what we would expect."


    Gueorguiev comments on US-China trade talks, Huawei in Wash Examiner

    "If differentiating the Huawei issue into trade and security strands makes it politically more palatable for the Trump administration to make a limited deal that lifts the ban on non-security related Huawei transactions, it is hard to see what the Chinese side stands to gain from not playing along," says Dimitar Gueorguiev. He was interviewed for the Washington Examiner article "Beijing backs away from including Huawei in trade talks."


    Maxwell announces new faculty members, department chair

    The academic year begins at the Maxwell School with the arrival of twelve new faculty members. In addition, Tom Perreault, professor of geography, is the new chair of the Department of Geography.


    Zoli op-ed on Taliban peace talks published in Newsday

    Corri Zoli, research assistant professor of political science, provides commentary on the US-Taliban peace negotiations in her article titled "Second thoughts about Taliban peace talks," published in Newsday.


    Taylor weighs in on recent Moscow elections in Vox article

    "The authorities made a calculation back in the summer: that it was better to keep the actual opposition candidates...off the ballot and take the protests over the summer, than it would be to steal the elections in September and face protests over that," says Professor Brian Taylor. "And they may have calculated right on this." Taylor was interviewed for the Vox article "Moscow’s elections dealt a blow to Putin’s party. But it’s complicated."

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