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  • Moynihan News

    Lovely discusses the trade war, tariffs with Marketplace, PolitiFact

    U.S. imports of "intermediate goods" from China, such as motors, pumps, and semiconductors, have seen price increases, harming U.S. producers. "When the price of these inputs go up, U.S. businesses find it harder to compete against non-U.S. competitors, even in the U.S. market," Mary Lovely told PolitiFact. She was also interviewed by Marketplace on the impact of the trade war on U.S. jobs.


    Mitra discusses India's decision to opt out of RCEP in Economic Times

    In his article published in the Economic Times, Devashish Mitra, Gerald B. and Daphna Cramer Professor of Global Affairs, explains why India needs to re-think it's decision to opt out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).


    McCormick discusses the violence in Mexico with CNN, Washington Post

    "A whole series of sort of mid-tier and lower level and smaller kind of up-and-coming, wannabe cartels are trying to set up shop in this terrain," Gladys McCormick told CNN. "They're striking deals with each other, with the big players. What I do think is that this (massacre) had nothing to do with drugs per se. I think it had to do with extortion and kidnapping."


    Lovely discusses US-China tariff rollback in Associated Press, SCMP

    "We can be cautiously optimistic here,” Professor Mary Lovely told the Associated Press. "The signals that are coming out are moving in the right direction for a deal." Lovely discussed the potential for tariff rollbacks with the Associated Press, Foreign Policy, and the South China Morning Post.


    Lovely talks to Marketplace about weaknesses in US manufacturing

    Mary Lovely says the increasing weakness of both US manufacturing and agriculture is hurting some regions more than others. "We’re seeing the slowdown hit the Midwest, the farm belt," says Lovely. "And a big slowdown in business investment, capital equipment purchases, is hitting states like Pennsylvania and Illinois." Lovely was interviewed for the Marketplace piece "Trade deficit narrows as trade tensions continue to bite."

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