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  • Moynihan News

    Lovely weighs in on slowdown of China's economic growth in AP

    Mary Lovely was interviewed for the Associated Press article "China’s growth cools further as tariff war pressures mount." "President Trump is probably happy that he’s starting to tank the Chinese economy," Lovely says. "But it’s a case of ‘be careful what you wish for.’"


    McCormick quoted in Washington Post article on El Chapo sentencing

    Gladys McCormick was interviewed for the Washington Post article "‘El Chapo’ is contained. The drug war is not." McCormick says that while there are no longer any major drug lords to focus media or political attention on, cartels have shifted to a horizontal leadership akin to multinational corporations.


    Lovely comments on widening US-China trade gap on NPR

    Mary Lovely was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered for the segment titled "Data Shows U.S. Trade Gap With China Widened During Month Of June." "I think whatever jobs are created by President Trump's war on global supply chains are going to be dwarfed by losses in the U.S. export sectors," says Lovely.


    Boroujerdi quoted in National Interest article on Iran's IRGC

    "Before the war the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] militiamen were nothing more than bodyguards to the clerics," says Professor Mehrzad Boroujerdi. "Their performance in the war gave them a seat at the proverbial power table." Boroujerdi was interviewed for the National Interest article "Iran's Most Powerful Weapon Against America: Meet the IRGC."


    Lovely discusses possible outcomes of Trump-Xi meeting on Bloomberg

    Mary Lovely was interviewed on Bloomberg's Surveillance podcast about the possible outcomes of the forthcoming meeting between President Trump and President Xi. "We're looking at politics here so he [President Trump] may be looking for some gigantic sign that he has won, that he as somehow brought the Chinese to the table in a way that no one else could," says Lovely.

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