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    With the support of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, the Maxwell African Scholars Union promotes the scientific study of African societies and the continental African experience in the globalized world. Discover the richness of Masu_logo_smallthe continent with its cultural heritage and diversity, wealth of natural resources, tourist attractions and its intricate political systems.
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  • Moynihan News

    Lovely comments on US-China tech war in Axios article

    The torrent of anti-Chinese rhetoric by the Trump administration recently has been countered by much softer actions, as the administration attempts to "thread the needle" of looking tough heading into the election while having the Chinese continue to purchase U.S. goods, says Professor Mary Lovely. "The tech issue is the big one … for the long term, but for the election it’s not at all clear to me that the tech issue is the big one," she says. Read more in the Axios article, "The tech war between the U.S. and China escalates."


    Lovely quoted in Reuters article on how Biden will handle tariffs

    Because Biden is backed by groups with conflicting interests, it may add up to a wait-and-see approach that could keep many of the tariffs he would inherit from Trump in place for years, say former and current advisers, lobbyists and trade analysts. "It’s unclear how he will balance these different competing forces," says Professor Mary Lovely. She was quoted in the Reuters article "Pulled in many directions, Biden may keep Trump's China tariffs in place."


    Steinberg discusses China, India, US connection on Horns of a Dilemma

    In this episode of Horns of a Dilemma, University Professor Jim Steinberg discusses the fraught, contentious, and important relationship between the world’s largest democracy, India, the world’s most powerful democracy, the United States, and the world’s fastest rising economy, China.


    McCormick discusses Mexico's handling of COVID-19 with CBC News

    "The logic from the Mexican government was to basically hold off until they could no longer and then impose quarantine measures, knowing full well that individuals in the informal economy wouldn't necessarily be able to abide by social distancing or staying home, in part because they needed to be out to be able to make a living," says Gladys McCormick. She was interviewed for the CBC News article "As COVID-19 deaths surpass 60,000, Mexico hits 'catastrophic scenario' officials warned about."


    Lovely weighs in on China's purchase targets, trade deal in Wash Post

    "No, they’re not on target,” says Professor Mary Lovely about US exports to China. "Even if they buy huge amounts, they’re not going to be on target." Lovely was quoted in the Washington Post article "Trump’s trade deal with China: More bluster than boom." She was also interviewed for the Marketplace segment "Trump doubles down on trade; China is far from meeting promises."

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