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    As part of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School, the East Asia Program provides an intellectual home for students and faculty interested in the study of East Asia. It supports and facilitates multidisciplinary research and dialogue on the history, economy, politics and social development of the region, especially China, Japan, and the two Koreas, and on the relations of the United States with the region.

    The East Asia Program runs seminars organized around the research by faculty and advanced graduate students, hosts scholars of and from East Asia, and holds conferences and workshops. Please come and join us for these activities. 


  • East Asia News

    Ma talks to CGTN about Asian-American students, coronavirus scare

    Yingyi Ma was interviewed on CGTN America about the anxieties facing Asian American students during the coronavirus scare. Ma says "American higher education should really provide sustained support to Chinese international students," and adds that coronavirus epitomizes the anxieties Asian-American students already face, such as their academic studies and social integration.


    Brown and Hermann publish a study on transnational crime

    In their new book, Transnational Crime and Black Spots: Rethinking Sovereignty and the Global Economy, published by Palgrave MacMillan, Maxwell School faculty members Stuart Brown and Margaret Hermann examine 80 safe havens across the globe from which transnational criminal, insurgent, and terrorist organizations operate — areas they term “black spots.”


    Kurien cited in India Abroad article on Sikh Americans, 2020 census

    "Getting a designation as a distinct ethnic group will allow Sikhs a more accurate count, more recognition of their special needs, as well as access to resources and services," says Prema Kurien, professor and chair of sociology. She was cited in the India Abroad article "The Sikhs bid for separate ethnic identity in U.S. Census raises questions and concerns."