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    As part of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School, the East Asia Program provides an intellectual home for students and faculty interested in the study of East Asia. It supports and facilitates multidisciplinary research and dialogue on the history, economy, politics and social development of the region, especially China, Japan, and the two Koreas, and on the relations of the United States with the region.

    The East Asia Program runs seminars organized around the research by faculty and advanced graduate students, hosts scholars of and from East Asia, and holds conferences and workshops. Please come and join us for these activities. 


  • East Asia News

    Lovely discusses the latest in US-China trade talks with BI, NPR

    "Ratcheting up these tariffs is really going to start to disintegrate global supply chains," Professor Mary Lovely told NPR. "For some people who want to see U.S. companies buying nothing in China, that's good news. But we have to remember that every other country in the world will be doing business with China." Lovely spoke with several media outlets about the latest in the US-China trade war.


    Lovely discusses US, China with CNBC, Foreign Policy, Bloomberg, BI

    "We'd be lucky to get away with a narrow US-China trade deal," Professor Mary Lovely told CNBC. She also spoke with Bloomberg, Business Insider, Financial Times, and Foreign Policy about the latest in the US-China trade talks and the impact of the impeachment inquiry.


    Khalil discusses US-Iranian relations on Australian radio program

    Iran and America have despised each other for decades. The Americans see Iran as a nation of Islamic extremists and terrorists, while Iranians believe America is an imperial power determined to destroy their nation and their revolution. So why do these two nations hate each so much? Osamah Khalil discussed the issue on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's radio program, Radio National.

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