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Barkun Quoted in Daily Beast Article on Monkeypox, Conspiracy Theorists

June 3, 2022

The Daily Beast

Michael Barkun

Michael Barkun

The global outbreak of several hundred cases of monkeypox has people on edge and conspiracy theorists spreading the message that it's clearly "COVID 2.0." But according to experts, monkeypox is a known entity and does not spread easily among humans so few see any cause for widespread concern.

As Professor Emeritus of Political Science Michael Barkun, an expert on conspiracy thinking, puts it, “People who see the world through this lens would never accept that monkeypox is a separate disease. For them, it necessarily has to be part of a larger picture that includes COVID.”

Read more in the Daily Beast article, "Monkeypox Is Here and COVID Truthers Are Losing It."

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