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Gadarian cited in FiveThirtyEight article on COVID-19, partisan divide

July 24, 2020


Shana Kushner Gadarian

Shana Kushner Gadarian

Shana Gadarian, associate professor of political science, told FiveThirtyEight she was surprised to see such enormous divides emerge as the pandemic wore on. According to other research she’s conducted, moments of extreme anxiety and uncertainty can actually make people more open to new sources of information — including public health experts and leaders from the opposing party. So at the beginning of the pandemic, she and her team expected that Americans would coalesce around public health experts’ recommendations, or that other demographic factors — like age — would turn into key dividing lines. Read more in the article "Republicans And Democrats See COVID-19 Very Differently. Is That Making People Sick?" 07/24/20

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