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Hamza Mighri explores Tunisian military court reform in Brookings blog

November 21, 2019


"Reforming Tunisia’s military courts," co-authored by MAIR student Hamza Mighri, was published in the Brookings Institution's Order from Chaos blog. "Tunisia’s military courts continue to operate under the 1957 Code of Military Justice, which permits military trials of civilians for insulting the military or undermining its morale, in addition to national security related crimes such as treason and espionage," write Mighri and co-author Sharan Grewal. "While the 2014 constitution stipulates that the military courts are only 'competent to deal with military crimes,' a transitional article permits military trials of civilians until the code is amended in line with the constitution. Tunisia should move swiftly to do so to end such trials," they say. 11/21/19

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