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Khalil Discusses the Israel-Hamas Conflict With Clarín, CNY Central, Spectrum News and WSYR

October 10, 2023

Clarin,CNY Central,Spectrum News,WSYR-TV

Osamah F. Khalil

Israel has declared war on the Palestinian militant group Hamas after it carried out an unprecedented attack by air, sea and land on Saturday. 

At least 900 Israelis are reported to have been killed, while dozens of soldiers and civilians, including women and children, are being held in Gaza as hostages. More than 700 Palestinians have also been killed in the hundreds of air strikes on Gaza that Israel's military is carrying out in response.

The U.S. government is pledging its support for ally Israel, condemning the surprise attacks from Hamas Saturday that left hundreds dead. Several hundred others are now prisoners.

"There really is no winner here, and a military solution is not possible. What needs to happen is for a high-level diplomatic effort by the Biden Administration, using regional partners and allies, to de-escalate the conflict," Osamah Khalil, professor of history and expert on Middle East affairs and politics, tells CNY Central.

Khalil spoke with several other media outlets about the conflict:

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