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Taylor Discusses ‘Trump 2.0’ With the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

April 22, 2024

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Donald Trump's public proclamations on the foreign policy he'd pursue have alarmed allies, and if he were to win back the White House, he could become a player in two major conflicts, in Ukraine and Gaza.

Brian Taylor, professor of political science and director of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, says a key feature of Trump 2.0 would likely be that the president would not have as many Russia-sceptics in his sphere.

"Back in the first Trump presidency, there were figures like the secretary of state Michael Pompeo, like John Bolton, the national security adviser, several other figures in the US government who had a less favorable view of Putin than Trump did.

"If Trump is elected in 2024, he will surround himself with people who adhere to his worldview and are therefore less hostile to Russia and more sympathetic to Putin."

Read more in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation article, "Donald Trump wants to change the world from the White House. Here's what he's said he'd do in a second term."

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