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Khalil speaks to Sinclair Broadcast Group about Iran's president-elect Ebrahim Raisi

June 22, 2021

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Osamah F. Khalil

The Biden administration has made clear that reestablishing the nuclear agreement with Iran is a top concern for his administration. Experts say that may be increasingly possible following the election of hardline leader Ebrahim Raisi but any negotiations beyond the original 2015 nuclear deal could prove difficult if not impossible under Iran's new hardline president. The election of Raisi was a "mixed bag" for President Joe Biden, says Osamah Khalil, associate professor of history. "In the short term, it will likely enable a renewed JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). In the longer term, it will make it more difficult to have an expanded agreement or expanded relations with Iran," he says. Read more in the Sinclair Broadcast Group article, "Iran's new hardline president could complicate Biden's foreign policy agenda." 06/22/21

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