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Khalil weighs in on end of Israel PM Netanyahu's career in USA Today

June 14, 2021

USA Today

Osamah F. Khalil

Israel's parliament cast a historic vote on Sunday that ended Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year tenure as prime minister and ushered in a "change coalition" that includes hardline factions, centrists and an Arab party, the first ever in an Israeli government. Naftali Bennett will serve as Israel's new prime minister. "It is a watershed moment," says Osamah Khalil, associate professor of history. It may be a "Nixon-goes-to-China" pivot in Israeli politics—making it easier for future Israeli politicians to join forces with Arab parties after the hardline Bennett took that first step, he adds. Read more in the USA Today article, "'Watershed moment': Netanyahu’s fate on the line as Israel prepares for historic vote." Khalil was also quoted in the USA Today article, "Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel’s next prime minister if Benjamin Netanyahu is ousted?" 06/14/21

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