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MA (IR) Student Discusses the Need for Queen Elizabeth to Apologize for Racism in Independent UK

June 9, 2022

The Independent

"As an American, I think Queen Elizabeth II should apologize for racism at her Platinum Jubilee," authored by Maya Amari Smith-Custer, a student working towards her master of arts in international relations, was published in the Independent UK. Smith-Custer discusses the need for Queen Elizabeth to apologize for racism and set the stage for reparations timed to her Platinum Jubilee. 

"An apology explicitly recognizing bias would force Americans and Brits alike to finally grapple with the ugly truth that racism has driven a lot of public policy in our nations," writes Smith-Custer. "Centuries of imperialism were a collective action, but Queen Elizabeth has the world’s attention during her Jubilee, and she can utilize this to begin the transitional justice process."

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