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O'Keefe Talks to The Guardian About SpaceX's Latest Venture

January 4, 2022

The Guardian

Sean O'Keefe

Sean O'Keefe

The first orbital test launch of the largest and most powerful rocket ship ever to leave Earth—SpaceX’s towering Starship, from its Starbase headquarters in Texas—is seen by many as a pathway back to the moon for the first time in half a century. “One of the things that [Elon Musk] has artfully figured out how to do is, whenever there has been any doubt about his ability to accomplish something, in some period of time thereafter, he has focused his attention, expertise and talent to go out and demonstrate that you can do it,” says University Professor Sean O’Keefe. “And that’s what this is. It is going to be interesting to see where this goes. [Starship] provides options, very significant options,” he says. Read more in The Guardian article, “SpaceX’s towering Starship aims to get humans to Mars.”

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