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Pralle Weighs in on the Need for State Policies Related to Extreme Weather in ABC News Article

August 3, 2022

ABC News

Sarah Pralle

Sarah Pralle

California state leaders have been pushing a legislative package that they say plans around the new normal of consistent 100-degree weather. The proposals include an extreme heat ranking system, similar to ones used in hurricanes, and mandated cooling during high heat days. 

Environmental experts say that more states and localities need to focus on extreme weather policies that are tailor made for their region.

"We don't have any national adaption plan and as far as I know there is no talk about it," says Sarah Pralle, an associate professor of political science who specializes in environmental policy. "That's going to hurt us as more and more states experience these climate induced disasters."

Read more in the ABC News article, "States take charge to protect people from extreme heat."

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