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Reeher Discusses NY-22 Primaries with CNY Central, WRVO

August 25, 2022

CNY Central,WRVO

Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher

New York's newly redrawn 22nd congressional district is a pivotal primary as there's a chance for Democrats to flip the seat.

"Politics right now in the last six or seven years has been just super contentious, and I think getting a lot of attention,” says Grant Reeher, director of the Campbell Public Affairs Institute. “Particularly the midterms." But he says the state’s redistricting woes put voters and candidates in a tough position this year, with some candidates switching which districts they hope to represent as late as May. 

Read more in the WRVO article, "New York’s 22nd district a race to watch on primary day."

Reeher was also quoted in the CNY Central article, "Frontrunners in NY22 primary races benefit from financial support of national Super PACs."

Reeher believes that the GOP backing a somewhat more moderate Republican in NY-22 is indicative of the district's demographics, which lean blue.

"They're thinking about 'who is the candidate that has the best shot in the general election,' says Reeher, "I think its an acknowledgement of the realities in the 22nd district."

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