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Reeher weighs in on call for NY Gov. Cuomo to hold debate on WRVO

July 27, 2018


Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher was interviewed for the WRVO segment "Nixon again pushes for debate but stalling could be Cuomo strategy." Reeher says in his experience, the incumbent or the candidate who expects to win wants to have a debate as close as possible to the Election Day and the challenger wants to have it earlier. "If something goes wrong, the person who is ahead perceives more of a risk in that regard, they want the damage to be contained in as few number of days as possible," Reeher says. "If the challenger is able to score some points and perform well and get the better of the incumbent, they want to have that happen early so that people can talk about it, so that it can be put out on the Internet and more people can get a chance to watch it." 07/27/18

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