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Rubinstein Piece on Onondaga County’s Lead Poisoning Crisis Published on

May 19, 2022

Robert A. Rubinstein

Robert A. Rubinstein

Sandra Lane

Sandra D. Lane

"$85M for aquarium better spent attacking lead poisoning," co-authored by Distinguished Professor of Anthropology Robert Rubinstein and Sandra Lane, professor of anthropology by courtesy appointment, was published on 

Rubinstein and Lane argue that addressing the crisis of lead poisoning in Onondaga County would be a much more effective use for the $85 million slated to be spent on the Inner Harbor aquarium project.

"In 2008, our research demonstrated that the consequences of lead poisoning cost the county at least $500,000 annually in elevated Medicaid, teen pregnancy, criminal justice and special education costs," write Rubinstein and Lane. "Lack of meaningful action on lead poisoning in Onondaga County during the 14 years since we published this estimate means that the county has spent at least $7 million responding to the consequences of lead poisoning."

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