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Taylor Discusses Putin and the Wagner Group's Mutiny with Forbes, Newsweek, Reuters, Vox

June 26, 2023

Channel News Asia,Forbes,KPCC,Newsweek,Reuters,SBS News,Vox

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

A convoy of militarized mercenaries advanced on Russia's capital calling for the resignation of top defense officials. But the weekend march by the Wagner Group ended before a possible confrontation with Russian forces. The deal that halted their rapid advance on Moscow raises questions about President Vladimir Putin's grip on power.

"I think Putin emerges from this significantly weakened," Brian Taylor, professor of political science and author of "The Code of Putinism" (Oxford University Press, 2018), tells Reuters

"I think if you're a member of the Russian elite or are in fact a member of the Russian population, you're going to look at this and think, 'Wow, a private army just drove on Moscow for most of the day. No one stopped them and they're allowed to leave and no real consequences,'" he says.

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