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Taylor Speaks With Fox, Newsweek, WWL Radio About the Ongoing War in Ukraine

February 27, 2024

570 WSYR,Fox News,Newsweek,WWL Radio

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. Brian Taylor, professor of political science and director of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, discusses the conflict over the past two years. 

"I anticipated Ukraine would be fighting hard. But I thought the Russian invasion two years ago would have been more successful," Taylor tells LiveNOW from FOX. "I thought Russia would have managed to seize and hold more territory than they did. ...That’s because Russia fought worse than I thought they would, and Ukraine has fought much better," he says.

In his interview with WWL Radio, Taylor says, "Over the course of the last two years Ukraine did push Russia back in various places but over the last year or so there hasn’t been much movement either way along the main front line. So about 18% of Ukraine remains occupied by Russian forces."

Taylor was also interviewed on Dave Allen Podcast episode "February 24th marks two years since Russia invaded Ukraine."

And he was quoted in the Newsweek article, "Putin's Trump Gamble." 

"I don't believe for a second Putin really would genuinely prefer Biden over Trump," says Taylor. "Trump's and Biden's views on support for Ukraine and the war against Russia are so radically different that Putin would see it in his interest for Trump to return."

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