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Taylor Weighs in on Possibility of Putin Interfering with US Midterm Elections in Newsweek

July 5, 2022


Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

As the United States edges closer to the midterm elections, intelligence officials expect Russia to ramp up interference efforts in an attempt to disrupt the political process. Experts believe politicians who are outspoken critics of Putin's war in Ukraine will be the biggest targets.

The Kremlin understands that President Joe Biden "played a key role in unifying our allies behind strong sanctions against Russia and strong support for Ukraine," says Brian Taylor, professor of political science and expert on Russian politics. "A poor midterm performance by the Democrats would be perceived as weakening Biden politically, which would be in Russia's interests," he says.

Read more in the Newsweek article, "Russian War in Ukraine Gives Putin Reason to Interfere in Midterms: Experts."

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