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Thompson Talks to WRVO About the Scrutiny Surrounding Rep. George Santos

January 18, 2023


Margaret Susan Thompson

Margaret Susan Thompson

Long Island Rep. George Santos (R-NY) continues to face scrutiny for fabricating his background including his education, employment and financial history. Several Republicans in the state have called for him to resign, but others say it's not their place to make that call. Santos has said he will not step down.

The next chance voters could have a say is two years from now in the next election as Margaret Thompson, associate professor of history and political science points out.

"The voters who elected Mr. Santos did so on the basis of the way he presented himself, which, as we now know, included a lot of fabricated information," Thompson says. "They decided on the basis of his false pretenses. So they can't really decide. There's no mechanism for a recall election."

Read more in the WRVO article, "New York Republicans differ over whether Rep. George Santos should resign."

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