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Wiemers Talks to the New York Times About Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market

May 2, 2022

The New York Times

Emily Wiemers

Emily Wiemers

Over the past two years, housing—in short supply and high demand across America—has appreciated at a record pace, creating more than $6 trillion in housing wealth for those that own their home. But it's also inseparable from the housing affordability crisis for those who don't. 

“There’s a rosy picture and a not-so-rosy picture,” says Emily Wiemers, associate professor of public administration and international affairs. “The flip side is pretty troubling. There’s this set of kids whose parents don’t own a home and so didn’t see this increase in wealth, and also whose parents may have seen declines in income.” 

Read more in the New York Times article, “The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market.”

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