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Williams contributes to Atlantic Council piece on AUKUS deal

September 24, 2021

Atlantic Council

Michael John Williams

Michael J. Williams

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States recently announced a nuclear-submarine deal known as AUKUS that sidelined France, prompting Paris to recall its ambassador to the United States for the first time in the 243-year-long alliance between the two nations. Michael Williams, associate professor of public administration and international affairs, was one of several experts who weighed in on how the U.S. and its allies should navigate the diplomatic upheaval. "Washington should strive to keep allies on its side rather than alienating them—especially ones that are among the most militarily powerful in the EU and the chief engines of European integration and capability development," says Williams. Read more in the Atlantic Council blog post, "Experts react: The AUKUS deal has shaken the transatlantic alliance. What should the US and its allies do now?

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