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Yinger Discusses the Effects of School District Consolidation in Columbia Missourian Article

June 21, 2022

Columbia Missourian

John M. Yinger

John M. Yinger

John Yinger, Trustee Professor of Economics and Public Administration, has been researching school district consolidation for several years, focusing on districts particularly in New York state, but also noting general research findings in education and education policy issues across other states.

School consolidation is the combining of two or more school districts for either financial or educational benefit. Within his research, Yinger found that financially, it is most beneficial to combine smaller districts, for example, combining two districts with 250 pupils, and the economic benefits decrease as the school districts become larger. He also emphasized that cost consequences are not the whole story. Many parents are not supportive of consolidation because it decreases direct contact with familiar teachers and staff.

Read more in the Columbia Missourian article, "The benefits and drawbacks of school district consolidation."

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