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Yinger Featured in Medium Article on Mortgage Discrimination

John Yinger, Trustee Professor of Economics and Public Administration and International Affairs, was featured in the Medium article, "Interview with Economics Professor John Yinger on Mortgage Discrimination."

July 1, 2022

Banks discusses election scenarios in Associated Press, Medium, Military Times

According to Professor Emeritus William Banks, sending uniformed troops to the polls, including the [National] Guard, would be unwise. "The overriding point is that we don’t want the military involved in our civilian affairs. It just cuts against the grain of our history, our conditions, our values, our laws."

November 2, 2020

Jackson featured in Medium article on imposter syndrome

"By labeling every single moment of self-doubt expressed by women, primarily those of color, as impostor syndrome, we flatten the complexities and pervasiveness of White Supremacy and patriarchy," writes Jenn Jackson, assistant professor of political science.

September 9, 2019

Lopoo quoted in Medium article on immigration policy, fertility

"If we see fewer immigrants coming to the U.S., or if we start to restrict the immigrants who come in to those who look a lot like middle-class Americans, with respect to fertility rates, we’re going to see completely different fertility rates in the United States," says Len Lopoo, professor of public administration and international affairs.

August 16, 2019

Lopoo discusses govt policies to increase US fertility rate in Medium

"Think about a professional woman who has completed college and some graduate work and may or may not be married, and if they’re married, they have a partner with a similar income," Len Lopoo, professor of public administration and international affairs and director of the Center for Policy Research, says. "So they’re sort of in the part of their careers where they’re really climbing rapidly."

June 11, 2019

Barkun cited in Medium article on nation’s current post-truth moment

"Such subject-specific areas as crank science, conspiracist politics, and occultism are not isolated from one another," but rather they are interconnected, according to Michael Barkun,  professor emeritus of political science. "The consequence of such mingling is that an individual who enters the communications system pursuing one interest soon becomes aware of stigmatized material on a broad range of subjects."

April 12, 2018

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