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Lopoo discusses govt policies to increase US fertility rate in Medium

June 11, 2019


Leonard Lopoo headshot

Leonard M. Lopoo

Len Lopoo, professor of public administration and international affairs and director of the Center for Policy Research, was interviewed for the Medium article "Don’t Freak Out About American Fertility." According to Lopoo, the big limitation of many interventions is simply that the effects they produce — and, in the United States, the financial and in-kind benefits involved — are generally small. Such programs may have particularly limited effects on women who are delaying childbearing for professional reasons.

"Think about a professional woman who has completed college and some graduate work and may or may not be married, and if they’re married, they have a partner with a similar income," he says. "So they’re sort of in the part of their careers where they’re really climbing rapidly. What would the government have to do to convince someone in that part of their life to prioritize their childbearing?" 06/11/19 

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