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    Skills, knowledge, and perspective — for people who plan to change the world

    Maxwell is home to one of the nation's top-ranked Master's of Public Administration degrees (according to U.S. News & World Report), providing a skills-based education that is concentrated and broadly applicable — for leaders within not only the public sector, but anywhere leadership is essential.

    In the same department, Maxwell offers an ambitiously interdisciplinary MA in International Relations, combining scholarly coursework with global internships and selected skills instruction. This program was recently ranked top-15 by Foreign Affairs.

    And alongside those is an array of powerful dual and joint degrees, including the Public Relations/International Relations program, the Master's of Public Health, and the two-continent Atlantis Program, among others.

    Maxwell graduates are famously inventive and savvy. Employers trust them to possess not just the skills of leadership but that special combination of big-picture thinking and connect-the-dots pragmatism that makes PAIA alumni especially valuable.

    What makes Maxwell special? It's all these things . . .

    Faculty.  At Maxwell, students learn from senior, full-time professors who are also great researchers and/or former practitioners in public affairs. They're accessible. They're concerned. They're mentors.  And, students will tell you, they're colleagues.

    Interdisciplinary Extras. Because Maxwell is also home to scholarly degree programs in the social sciences —  and 10 research institutes on such topics as public policy, global affairs, national security, public health, and conflict resolution - students encounter innumerable opportunities to combine their MPA or MAIR with research and specialized instruction.

    Global Reach. While the MPA prepares students for management and policy careers in all settings (domestic or international), the MAIR integrates a required global internship. IR students benefit from academic and practicum opportunities in close to 20 countries —  or in Washington, D.C., where the Maxwell-in-Washington programs are co-located at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

    Alumni Connections. PAIA alumni bring passion to their careers in government, NGOs, the policy sector, and other public and quasi-public organizations —  the same passion they bring to their Maxwell affiliation. Students graduate into a community of loyal alumni in 149 different countries on whom they can depend throughout their own great careers.

    The value of the Maxwell School approach is borne out in employment outcomes. The most recent post-graduate employment survey shows a 95% pre/post-graduate employment rate for MPA and a 96% employment rate for MAIR graduates. The majority of graduates finalized their positions within three months of graduation (though many, in fact, had found positions even before graduating).  Additionally, the versatility of Maxwell’s MPA and MAIR is evidenced in the breadth of sectors where employers are represented, and by the diversity of functional specialty required in the graduates’ new jobs. Breadth and diversity of that kind bodes well for career growth over the years and decades to come for these recent graduates.

    To learn all the reasons Maxwell is a great place to launch a life of service, responsibility, and understanding for the public good, visit Why Maxwell?. Then visit Degrees to explore the programs that generations of former Maxwell students have used to launch some of the best careers in public affairs.

  • Value of Maxwell Degrees

    With MPA and MAIR graduate employment rates of 95% and 96% across a variety of sectors, our 2017 survey shows how in-demand Maxwell graduates are in the job market. See the survey results.

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    Burman weighs in on fitness tax break in Wall Street Journal

    Leonard Burman was interviewed for the Wall Street Journal article "House Panel Passes Tax Break for Gym Memberships, Exercise Classes." "Every principle of tax policy is violated by this," says Burman. "It’s not at all clear that it would have any effect on overall health of the population or that it’s a particularly effective way to make people healthy."

    Van Slyke paper on complex contracting published in PAR

    "Complex Contracting: Management Challenges and Solutions," co-authored by David Van Slyke, was published in Public Administration Review. The authors present a framework that provides guidance on how managers can harness the upsides of complex contracting while avoiding its pitfalls.

    Faculty, alumnus study on public health insurance, fertility published

    "Pregnancy Medicaid Expansions and Fertility: Differentiating Between the Intensive and Extensive Margins," written by Sarah Hamersma, Len Lopoo, and Lincoln Groves '15 PhD (PA), was published in Population Research and Policy Review.
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