PARCC Research Areas Give to PARCC

PARCC is divided into four core research areas that support the program’s goal of developing knowledge about the context and stages of various conflicts. Research directors work with faculty associates across a range of disciplines, reflecting the program’s emphasis on interdisciplinary research and theory building. Our four research areas are:  

Advocacy ResearchAdvocacy and Activism – PARCC is committed to exploring the role of grassroots action in bringing about social, political, and cultural change. Our Advocacy and Activism faculty view PARCC as a collaborative center, forging connections between the local community and the university while remaining focused on a larger global context. Current research focuses on the arts in social movements and transnational labor movements.

Collaborative Governance ResearchCollaborative Governance - Collaboration is an essential tool in an increasingly interconnected world. PARCC examines how collaborative governance has altered political and social relationships across national and international landscapes. It fosters cutting edge research in collaborative public management and deliberative democracy.

Environmental Conflict ResearchEnvironmental Collaboration and Conflict - The rapid growth of industry and the intense competition for natural resources have brought the fragility of the environment into sharp focus. As such, we are at a critical juncture, where conservation and development jostle for attention and critical funds. It is within this framework that PARCC investigates areas of collaboration and strategies for mitigating conflict.

International Conflict ResearchInternational and Intra-State Conflict - We strive to understand the transformation of large-scale destructive conflicts involving non-governmental organizations as well as governments. We analyze and assess conflict resolution applications by partisans and by intermediaries at the many stages of a conflict's course. This includes attention to Track Two diplomacy, peacekeeping, transitions away from the use of violence, processes of negotiation and mediation and the global context of particular conflicts. We help formulate practices and policies for various actors to help prevent, limit, reduce, and recover from destructive conflicts.

Book Projects- PARCC has a recent  important book project.  "Overcoming Intractable Conflicts:  New Approaches to Constructive Transformation" was published in 2019 by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers  .

Conferences- PARCC in coordination with other universities and organizations has sponsored several conferences.   

Mini-Grants - In each area of focus, PARCC fosters new research through mini-grants that support such activities as data acquisition, survey design, the hosting of research conferences at Maxwell, and research assistance.