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Ma chapter on Women in Math and Science published in "Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide"

Jun 27, 2013

Women in Math/Science

Yingyi Ma & Carrie Roseamelia

Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide, June 2013

Yingyi Ma

Yingyi Ma

Women around the globe have made impressive progress in education generally and higher education in particular. However, women trail behind men in math and science in many countries and are generally under-represented in math- and science-related occupations.

The gender gap in math/science favoring men widens from negligible to considerable difference from grade school to college. The gender divide in primary school mathematics varies considerably among different countries. In 2007, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) found that 12 countries showed a significant gender gap between fourth-grade boys and girls that favored boys, ranging from a five-point difference in Slovenia to a 17-point difference in Colombia.