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Reimagining the State in Governing the Commons: Synergies in Analytical Frameworks and Tools

This two-day workshop brings together scholars who are interested in reimagining the role of the state in governing the commons, and the types of analytical frameworks and tools to help extend this area of research. The workshop will focus primarily on new insights coming from work on state-reinforced self-governance (SRSG) and the Institutional Grammar (IG), as well as how these two approaches can inform one another.

The workshop will take place June 22-23, 2024, at Indiana University Bloomington, following the conclusion of the Workshop on the Workshop (WoW7).

2024 Conference on Policy Process Research

The Center for Policy Design and Governance will host the 2024 Conference on Policy Process Research (COPPR24) on Syracuse University's campus May 15-17, 2024.

Professor Siddiki trains with students in the Policy Design Lab at the Maxwell School

Policy Design Studio

The Policy Design Studio provides evidence-based training and analysis on the design and implementation of public policies to support good governance. Through trainings, we equip governments, non-governmental organizations and future public service leaders with skills for policy design, policy implementation and stakeholder engagement in the policy process. Through technical analysis, we help governments and non-governmental organizations evaluate whether policies are effectively designed and carried out, as well as whether the stakeholder engagement processes they are using are effectively designed and run.

Computational Institutional Science Lab

The lab hosts a variety of research activities to support the development of a new field of study called computational institutional science. Lab affiliates and members conduct research, host seminars and instructional programs, and author scholarly publications focused on the use of computational science methods to study how societies are governed. Founded in 2022, the CIS Lab is led by Saba Siddiki (Syracuse University) and Christopher Frantz (Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

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Institutional Grammar Research Initiative

Established during at a workshop hosted by Syracuse University in 2018, and sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Institutional Grammar Research Initiative is a network of scholars from around the world with a common interest in the theoretical and methodological advancement of the Institutional Grammar, proposed by Sue Crawford and Elinor Ostrom (1995). IGRI affiliates are currently engaged in research that addresses one or more of the following themes:

  • Computational text analysis with Institutional Grammar
  • Evaluating institutional performance
  • Using the Institutional Grammar to study simulated and real behavior

A Center for Policy Research-Affiliated Center

Center for Policy Design and Governance
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