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Education Policy Reading Group

The Education Policy Reading Group is a group of faculty and graduate students who meet weekly to discuss recent articles on topics in economics of education and education policy. The group meets every Friday afternoon and discussions are geared toward identifying current questions in the field of education policy research, examining data sources and methods used to address those questions, and helping participants identify potential research topics. The group plans to meet through the end of April. For more information, please contact Robert Bifulco, Michah Rothbart or Ying Shi.

Education and Social Policy Workshop

Since the fall of 2017, the Education and Social Policy Workshop has convened nearly every week and includes graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and research associates working on research topics related to education policy and social policy, broadly defined. Participation in this interdisciplinary working group has grown to approximately 12-20 regular attendees, including graduate students in public administration, economics, social science and sociology, faculty members in the public administration and international affairs, economics and sociology departments, and Center for Policy Research postdoctoral fellows and research associates. Participants are encouraged to share their research and receive feedback via research seminar-style presentations, practice job-talks, practice for conferences and less formal presentations of works-in-progress. For more information, please contact Michah Rothbart or Emily Wiemers.

Labor Economics Group

The Labor Economics Group is comprised of faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students who share a common interest in exploring and studying research in labor economics. The group convenes on a weekly basis, creating a platform for intellectual exchange and collaboration. The overarching objective of these weekly meetings is to offer constructive feedback and support to individuals in varying stages of their respective projects within the realm of labor economics. This includes providing insights and suggestions to individuals who are in the early stages of developing preliminary ideas, as well as offering guidance and critiques to those who have progressed to the stage of refining and polishing their working papers. Organization and coordination of the Labor Economics Group is overseen by Maria Zhu.

Policy, Place, and Population Health (P3H) Lab

The P3H Lab is a hub of interdisciplinary research and training on how places and their policies shape population health. A central focus of lab members is investigating how U.S. state and local environments affect people’s health and life expectancy. The lab is mainly geared toward graduate students, but postdoctoral scholars and faculty also participate. Training is concentrated around three areas: population health research, statistical and demographic methods, and communicating research to scientists, policymakers and the public. The P3H Lab is a collaborative initiative between the Aging Studies Institute, Center for Policy Research and Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and Population Health. The lab is co-directed by Jennifer Karas Montez and Shannon Monnat. Learn more about the Policy, Place and Population Health Lab.

Center for Policy Design and Governance Salon

During the academic year, the Center for Policy Design and Governance hosts a weekly seminar called the Salon. The Salon is a space where faculty and students have conversations about their work, research challenges, navigating university life and more. Each week, attendees can bring a matter before the group, or simply offer feedback on other presentations. Formal presentations, though not prohibited, are also not required. Learn more about the Center for Policy Design and Governance Salon

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