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Monday Miles 3/4 Mile Sign with people walking behind it

Where Can I Walk a Monday Mile?

There are Monday Miles all over Central New York. Take a tour of the region with our Onondaga County Monday Miles and Madison County Monday Miles.

If you’re not from the area, don’t worry! It takes roughly 20 minutes for the average person to walk a mile. So, set your watch and start moving. You don’t need a physical route to walk your mile!

Otto and two women running

Create Your Own Monday Mile

Interested in bettering the health of your community or making public recreation spaces more accessible? Create a Monday Mile route! Check out these resources to get started.

Monday Mile with a Mission

We’ve teamed up with several student organizations to create Monday Miles with a Mission which adds a spin on the typical Monday Mile by evoking a sense of purpose and pride among participants. Students come together to represent their organization, spread awareness for their cause, meet new people and connect with each other, all while walking for their health.

If you’re interested in creating a Monday Mile route, leading a themed Monday Mile, or have your own mission you’d like to share, contact Assistant Director Emily Graham.

Group of people with Otto the Orange
Healthy Monday