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#Kifaya# Enough Dangerous Speech for South Sudanese: Collaborative Strategies by Musicians and Local Civil Society Organizations

Susan Appe, Nadia Rubaii, Kerry Whigham, Samuel Sebit Emmanuel

September 2021

This is a case of creative and collaborative methods used by local development civil society organizations (CSOs) to prevent identity-based violence. The case illustrates local interventions to prevent atrocities by using tools, capacity building and strategies to mitigate dangerous speech by young South Sudanese musicians and cultural leaders.

AUTHORS: Susan Appe, University at Albany-SUNY, Nadia Rubaii, Binghamton University, Kerry Whigham, Binghamton University and Samuel Sebit Emmanuel, Talent Initiative for Development, South Sudan.

Winner, Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Case Studies in International Development, 2021.

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