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Yingyi Ma Article on the Threat US Security Policies Pose to AI Leadership Published by Brookings

April 13, 2024

Brookings Institution

Yingyi Ma

Yingyi Ma

US security and immigration policies threaten its AI leadership,” written by Professor of Sociology Yingyi Ma, was published by Brookings. 

“Immigration is a hot topic in the 2024 presidential election, yet the focus is predominantly on undocumented migrants at the southern border rather than the highly skilled workers who are integral to American innovation,” says Ma. “Immigrants, notably those from the Chinese community, have been instrumental in driving innovation in AI and America’s broader high-tech industry, which suffers from a domestic ‘talent crisis,’” she explains.

“Addressing this challenge demands more favorable immigration policies, particularly in relation to the restrictive H1-B visa lottery system, and a reduction in the hostility faced by Chinese scientists. It is in America’s best interest to reform these systems,” says Ma.

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