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Mismatch and Academic Performance at America’s Selective Colleges and Universities

Amy Lutz, Pamela R. Bennett & Rebecca Wang
November 12, 2017

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Grandparenting in the United States

Madonna Harrington Meyer & Amra Kandic
November 2, 2017

Who Feels Included in School? Examining Feelings of Inclusion Among Students With Disabilities

Leanna Stiefel, Menbere Shiferaw, Amy Ellen Schwartz & Michael Gottfried
November 2, 2017

Should We Give Up after Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty

Mort Webster, Karen Fisher-Vanden, David Popp & Nidhi Santen
October 2, 2017

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Economic Costs of Obesity

Thomas H. Dennison
September 25, 2017

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More than a rural revolt: Landscapes of despair and the 2016 Presidential election

Shannon M. Monnat & David L. Brown
September 21, 2017

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The Influence of Men’s Military Service on Smoking Across the Life Course

Andrew S. London, Pamela Herd, Richard A. Miech & Janet M.Wilmoth
September 7, 2017

Is U.S. Corporate Income Double-Taxed?

Leonard E. Burman, Kimberly A. Clausing & Lydia Austin
August 31, 2017

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