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How Civility Works

Keith J. Bybee
December 31, 2016

Anthropology: The Basics

Christopher DeCorse
December 31, 2016

Grandparenting in the United States

Madonna Harrington Meyer
December 31, 2016

See related: Health Policy

Future Foundry: A New Strategic Approach to Military-Technical Advantage

Ben FitzGerald, Alexandra Sander & Jacqueline Parziale
December 15, 2016

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits and Emergency Room Visits for Hypoglycemia

Colleen Heflin , Leslie Hodges & Peter Mueser
December 13, 2016

See related: Food Security

Spatial Econometrics: Qualitative and Limited Dependent Variables: Volume 37

Badi H. Baltagi, James P. Lesage, R. Kelley Pace
December 1, 2016

Unexpected Arrivals: The Spillover Effects of Mid-Year Entry on Stable Student Achievement in New York City

Emilyn Ruble Whitesell, Leanna Stiefel & Amy Ellen Schwartz
November 30, 2016

Housing Price Bubbles, New Supply, and Within-City Dynamics

Crocker H. Liu, Adam Nowak & Stuart S. Rosenthal
October 31, 2016

See related: Housing

Government Spending and the Distribution of Economic Growth

Susan E. Mayer, Leonard M. Lopoo & Lincoln H. Groves
September 30, 2016

The Impact of Aging out of WIC on Food Security in Households with Children

Irma Arteaga, Colleen Heflin & Sara Gable
September 30, 2016

See related: Aging, Food Security

The US Presidential Candidates and the Economy

Leonard E. Burman
September 30, 2016

See related: Taxation, U.S. Elections

Do Top Dogs Rule in Middle School? Evidence on Bullying, Safety, and Belonging

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel & Michah W. Rothbart
September 30, 2016

See related: Education

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