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Gerontology: Changes, Challenges, and Solutions

Madonna Harrington Meyer

Praeger Publishing, December 2016

Gerontology:Changes, Challenges, and Solutions

The people who make up the rapidly growing population of Americans over age 65 are changing, and as a result, our nation will change. This shift presents new issues, controversies, and challenges that affect health, wellness, welfare, retirement, politics, and economics.

This two-volume work examines where we are and where we are headed, paying careful attention to the differential impacts of gender, race, class, marital status, and other social variables. It considers key changes in demographics, old-age policies, families, work, and death and dying.

Volume one covers an array of demographic issues, policies, and politics, highlighting how factors such as gender and race shape families, income, retirement, immigrants, and veterans across the life course. The second volume covers education, religion, volunteering, exercise, nutrition, and health care policies across the life course.

Topics addressed include the old-age welfare state, the extension of retirement age, home care, care work, nursing home care, end of life planning, and euthanasia.