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Iwona Franczak

Iwona Franczak

Contact Information:


426 Eggers Hall

Iwona Franczak

Ph.D. Student, Sociology Department

Graduate Research Associate, Center for Policy Research

Highest degree earned

M.S., Illinois State University, 2018



    Iwona is a Ph.D. student in the Sociology Department. She is affiliated with the Center for Policy Research and the Program on Educational Equity and Policy. Prior to pursuing her doctoral degree, she worked for over a decade in a legal field and taught at different educational settings. 

    Iwona’s research interests include educational inequalities, immigration, race and ethnicity, and evaluation research with a particular focus on the effectiveness of educational systems in reducing social inequalities. She is currently working on projects examining educational experiences of refugees and immigrants in schools and in the military. 

    Research Interests

    Educational inequality, stratification, immigration, race and ethnicity, evaluation research

    Sociology Department
    302 Maxwell Hall