Yilin Hou

Professor, Public Administration and International Affairs


Yilin Hou is a Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy Research, and a Tenth Decade Faculty Scholar. Hou’s field of expertise is public finance. His research interests are fiscal policy, public budgeting, and intergovernmental fiscal relations as related to the core of development and governance. Much of his research focuses on the smooth operation of government finance across the boom-bust cycles of the economy. He is particularly interested in researching rules-based, time-consistent fiscal policies that will contribute to how the public sector can well weather the vicissitudes of economic fluctuations and other aspects of the society in order to provide smooth and stable public services and goods.

Hou’s research has been funded by the University of Georgia Foundation (2006-2008), the Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance at Tsinghua University, Beijing (2007-2010, funding from the Toyota Corporation), the Stanley W. Shelton Professor Fund at the University of Georgia (2009-2013), the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts (2012-2013, 2016-2017), the China Center for Fiscal Development (2013-2018, at the Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing), and state/local government contracts. Hou is the editor of the Development and Governance book series and the Studies in Public Budgeting (and Fiscal Policy) book series, both by the Springer International. He also sits on the editorial board of several major academic journals in his field.

Yilin received his Ph. D. from Syracuse University in 2002.


Development, Governance, and Real Property Tax in China. Yilin Hou, Ping Zhang, Qiang Ren, and Haitao Ma (2018, forthcoming). Palgrave MacMillan.

Research in Scheme Design of China’s Local Property Tax." Yilin Hou, Qiang Ren and Haitao Ma. Beijing: Economic Science Press (2016). (《中国房地产税税制要素设计研究》).

 “Local Government Budget Stabilization: Explorations and Evidence." Yilin Hou, (Editor), Springer, New York (2015).

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 "State Government Budget Stabilization: Policy, Tools and Impacts." Yilin Hou, New York: Springer (2013).

Selected Journal Papers since 2017

"Measuring the Financial Shocks of Natural Disasters: A Panel Study of U.S. States." Qing Miao, Yilin Hou and Michael Abrigo. (2018). National Tax Journal 71(1): 11-44.
"Public Service Capitalization and Real Property Value: The Case for a Local Property Tax in China." Qiang Ren, Yilin Hou and Haitao Ma. Public Finance and Trade Economics 2017(12): 66-79 (in Chinese).

"Local Sales Tax Adoption in US Counties: Internal and External Forces." Jongmin Shon and Yilin Hou (2017). Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Finance Management  29(3): 289-318.

 More Publications

Research Grants and Awards

Principal Investigator. “Improving Local Property Tax Administration in New York State,” with Co-Principal Investigators John Yinger, Michael Wasylenko, and Minch Lewis. Funded by the Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE) Grant Program, May 2018 - Arpril 2020.