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Maxwell / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Maxwell

  • The Maxwell School stands in support of all who are demanding change in the face of racism, violence and hate speech. We are committed to making our school, our university and our communities more inclusive and just for all. There is absolutely no place for behavior or language that degrades any individual or group’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, disability or religious beliefs.

    Strategic Plan

    The Maxwell School is in the process of drafting a three-year strategic plan that will not only make plain our vision for cultivating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive academic environment, but also articulate goals, strategies, tactics and measurable outcomes for the betterment of all.

    Key to this strategic plan is the notion that any action we take has to be sustained through accountability, institutionalization and a change in culture. To do so, the development and implementation of this plan will happen in collaboration with the broader Maxwell community–through meetings, events, initiatives and information dissemination to faculty, staff and students. Information about these events will be made available on this website and through associated outreach communications.

    In addition, we will soon post a working draft of the DEI Strategic Plan on this website and invite community feedback on its contents as well as its implementation. Please email your feedback to

    Here we share with you the preamble in development.

  • DEI News

  • The following includes stories about recent investments at Maxwell—including new hires, appointments, awards and funded initiatives—aimed at fostering a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. To read great stories about the accomplishments of Maxwell faculty and students, including our URM community members, please visit the School’s main News & Events feed.

  • A Call to be ‘Audacious and Bold’

    At a recent Maxwell Advisory Board meeting, member Mary Daly ’90 posed a question—or perhaps it was a challenge. As she recalls, it went something like this: “What can we do that can move the needle, materially change what we see that we don’t like in our society, with regard to inequities? How are we going to literally be able to hand the next generation a better future than what we inherited?” The meeting’s agenda was to give feedback on a draft of the Maxwell School’s strategic plan for improving diversity, equity and inclusion. “It had all the elements that are often in plans that are making progress on this,” she recalls. Yet, to really move the needle, it requires actions that are, “going to be, by definition, audacious and bold,” she says.



    Gift from SU Trustee Christine Larsen kick's off Maxwell DEI training

    A generous gift from SU Trustee Christine Larsen and Vincent Dopulos will support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training for graduate students at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs over the next five years—a key initial step toward realizing the school’s renewed vision for developing leaders and educators who are committed to improving outcomes for all peoples.



    Center for Disability Resources empowers students, changes perceptions

    Miguel Pica ’22, a history major in the Maxwell School, knows the important work the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) does to help students with disabilities meet their academic goals. He has been working with an access counselor at the center since he came to campus in 2019—and has found his personal success with their efforts. Pica, who was medically retired from the U.S. Army after being injured on active duty, was concerned about completing his coursework on time, having enough time on exams and possibly being penalized or forced to drop a class for too many medically related absences.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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