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    Geography examines social and environmental processes, with a particular focus on space and place, critical theory, practical application, analysis and intervention. For more than 80 years, the Department of Geography at Syracuse University has been a leader in geographic research and teaching.

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  • Geography News

    Huber speaks to Motherboard about the Yellow Vest protests in France

    "The people who are resistant to climate policies on the right constantly argue that the reasons we can’t do climate policies is it’s gonna cost the economy, and it’s gonna cost families, and it’s gonna cost everyday people," says Matt Huber, associate professor of geography. Huber was interviewed for the Motherboard article "The Paris ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Show the Flaws of Capitalism."

    Huber speaks with VICE about the Green New Deal

    Matt Huber, associate professor of geography, was interviewed for the VICE article "The Left Thinks a 'Green New Deal' Could Save Earth and Destroy the GOP." "History shows that, especially with our country being the richest and having the most wealth and resources to deploy, we can do massive transformational things," says Huber.

    Koch speaks with Astana Times about Kazakhstan’s energy landscape

    Natalie Koch was interviewed for the Astana Times article "Renewable energy potential attracts greater investment to Kazakhstan, says scholar." Koch, who recently authored The Geopolitics of Spectacle: Space, Synecdoche and the New Capitals of Asia, discussed Kazakhstan’s current and future energy landscape.