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DeCorse Quoted in The Guardian Article on the First Archaeological Dig of São Tomé and Príncipe

“We have good insight into the big picture of slavery in São Tomé,” says Christopher DeCorse, professor of anthropology. But, “we don’t know how these plantations functioned. You have records of the number of people. You have dates. But the lifeways of people on a day-to-day basis are not so much. That reveals the grittiness.”
July 8, 2024

Herrold Serves as Keynote Panelist at Civil Society Summit Co-Hosted by USAID, SDC, Partners Global

Catherine Herrold, associate professor of public administration and international affairs, discussed different strategies for civil society under threat and highlighted the need for continued investment in civil society organization resilience as essential to defending democratic principles and achieving social justice.

July 8, 2024

Taylor Weighs In on Trump’s Ukraine Peace Plan in Newsweek Article

“The idea of a peace plan for Russia's war against Ukraine sounds nice, but the ideas proposed by two Trump advisers would not be acceptable to either Russia or Ukraine,” says Brian Taylor, professor of political science and director of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.

July 5, 2024

Hranchak Talks to The National About the Debate, What She Hopes to Hear About Russia and Ukraine

“In general, I'd like to hear answers or comments, not so much about Ukraine, but about Russia, because it's not Ukraine, but Russia, that poses the biggest challenge today,” says Tetiana Hranchak, visiting assistant teaching professor in the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.

July 3, 2024

Rural and Small-Town America: Context, Composition, and Complexities

Shannon M. Monnat, Tim Slack

Shannon M. Monnat, professor of sociology and Lerner Chair in Public Health Promotion and Population Health, has co-authored “Rural and Small Town America: Context, Composition, and Complexities” (University of California Press, 2024) with Tim Slack, professor of sociology at Louisiana State University. 

July 3, 2024

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Engelhardt Provides Expertise in CNN Article on Trump’s False Claims During the Debate

“Immigrants tend to be younger and employed, which increases the number of workers paying into the system. Also, they have more children, which helps boost the future workforce that will pay payroll taxes,” says Gary Engelhardt, professor of economics, in response to Trump's statement that Biden will destroy Social Security and Medicare by putting migrants entering the U.S. on the benefits.

July 3, 2024

Characteristics Associated with COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among US Working-Age Adults

Xue Zhang, Shannon M. Monnat

“Watchful, skeptics, and system distrusters: Characteristics associated with different types of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among U.S. working-age adults,” co-authored by Professor of Sociology Shannon Monnat, was published in Vaccine.

July 2, 2024

Bendix Speaks to the Associated Press About a Study on the Impact of the 2023 Canadian Wildfires

“There is a quite substantial lag between addition of atmospheric carbon due to wildfire and the eventual removal of at least some of it by the regrowing forest. So, over the course of those decades, the net impact of the fires is a contribution to climate warming,” says Jacob Bendix, professor emeritus of geography and the environment. 

July 2, 2024

Koch Quoted in Newsweek Article on Saudi Arabia’s Global Sports Investments

Natalie Koch, professor of geography and the environment, says the Saudi monarch-in-waiting “is more concerned about selling these projects to his people than he is in selling them to the West. So, all of these big sports investments have to be carefully positioned as somehow contributing to Saudi national interests.”

July 2, 2024

Earnings and Employment Patterns Following Child-Care Subsidy Receipt

W. Clay Fannin, Colleen Heflin, Taryn Morrissey
“Earnings and Employment Patterns Following Child-Care Subsidy Receipt,” co-authored by Colleen Heflin, professor of public administration and international affairs, and Ph.D. student W. Clay Fannin, was published in Social Service Review.
July 1, 2024

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