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Buzard Talks to CBC Radio About Her Research on Parental Involvement

November 6, 2023

CBC News

Kristy Buzard

Kristy Buzard

Earlier this year Kristy Buzard, associate professor of economics, and her co-authors, Olga Stoddard and Laura Gee, released a study entitled "Who You Gonna Call? Gender Inequality in External Demands for Parental Involvement." Their research — which focused on heterosexual parents — suggests that schools will often default to calling a student's mom when something is up, even when both parents expressed a desire to share the responsibility equally.

"So many of the calls come to them [mothers], even though they're in kind of very demanding jobs [and] they've told the schools to call their children's fathers," says Buzard.

Listen to her full interview on CBC Radio (Oct. 31 episode, starts at 1 hour and 3 minutes) or read an excerpt of the conversation in the article, "Schools often default to calling a student's mom instead of dad, study suggests."

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