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Campbell Piece on Historical Legacy of European Colonialism Published on CounterPunch

September 28, 2022


Horace G. Campbell

Horace G. Campbell

"Queen Elizabeth II and the Weight of History," written by Professor Horace Campbell, was published on  

"The Global Reparations movement has brought a new urgency to the study of history by exposing the criminal past and present of racial capitalism," writes Campbell. "Walter Rodney, Priya Satia, Caroline Elkins, Hilary Beckles and Gerald Horne are among the historians who have exposed the criminal linkages of the British monarchy. It is from this corpus of historians that the weight of history is coming down on the legacy of Elizabeth Windsor," he says.

"The overwhelming accounts from all sectors of the world pointed to the reality that no institution obscured the crimes of empire and buttressed class rule and white supremacy as effectively as the British monarchy. The movements for reparative justice all over the world have made it more difficult for the left historians to relegate reparative history to the column of ‘identity’ politics," says Campbell.

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