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Gadarian Quoted in BNN Bloomberg, USA Today Articles on Politics and Abortion

April 17, 2024

BNN Bloomberg,USA Today

Shana Kushner Gadarian

Shana Kushner Gadarian

Florida's Supreme Court ruled last week to allow a ballot initiative that will ask voters whether to enshrine abortion access in the state's Constitution. Democrats argue the measure will drive voter turnout, especially among progressive and young voters, boosting Biden's prospects there.

While enthusiasm appears an uphill battle, with about seven months until the election, Shana Gadarian, professor of political science and associate dean for research, tells USA Today there is still plenty of time to get voters' attention. 

“Maybe people aren't enthusiastic about Joe Biden or Donald Trump,” she says, referring to the major parties’ presumptive presidential nominees. “But they are going to care about other issues that are going to get them out to the polls, and the candidates and the parties are going to do a lot of work to get them to understand what is at stake in this election.” 

Trump has pledged to leave abortion policy up the states, resisting pressure from anti-abortion groups to agree on a federal abortion limit. Gadarian tells BNN Bloomberg this doesn't do his party any favors.

His position “allows for competitiveness of Democrats in states where these state bans are still in flux, and where Democrats have the potential to put constitutional amendments up for the voters to vote directly on,” Gadarian says. “That has been a story that’s been pretty successful so far for Democrats.”

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