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Kriesberg Discusses Ways Out of the War in Gaza in Foreign Policy in Focus Blog

June 2, 2024

Foreign Policy in Focus

Louis Kriesberg

Louis Kriesberg

Seeing a Way out of the Gaza War,” written by Louis Kriesberg, professor emeritus of sociology and Maxwell Professor Emeritus of Social Conflict Studies, was published in the Foreign Policy in Focus Blog. Following is an excerpt:

“Presently, in regard to the Hamas-Israeli war, a succession of similarly incremental changes could open a path to the constructive transformation of the war,” writes Kriesberg.

“One possible change is being negotiated right now: a ceasefire that includes the exchange of Hamas-held hostages for Israeli-held Palestinian prisoners. Another imaginable change is a restructuring of the Palestinian Authority to play a major role in the governance of Gaza and the West bank, aided by the United Nations and a few Arab nations,” he says.

“Any one of these changes would be more likely if it were understood to be met by the adversary’s move toward a constructive transformation,” says Kriesberg. “Each of the possible changes in the current conflict in Gaza looks improbable, until steps are taken to make it happen.”

Read the full blog post at the link above.

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