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Monnat quoted in article on Onondaga County deaths

February 17, 2021

Shannon Monnat

Shannon Monnat

Onondaga County saw more people die in 2020 than any year since at least 1970—but COVID-19 isn’t likely the only reason. The reason behind 2020′s death toll is further muddied by the fact that the shutdown might have, paradoxically, saved some lives. "It could be that deaths from certain causes declined and therefore offset the increase due to COVID," says Shannon Monnat, associate professor of sociology and Lerner Chair for Public Health Promotion. "For example, there may have been a decline in motor vehicle fatalities due to less traffic, thereby offsetting the increase from COVID deaths." Monnat was quoted in the article, "More Onondaga County residents died in 2020 than in at least 50 years. It wasn’t all COVID." 

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